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“What should I wear?” is probably one of the most commonly asked questions and for a good reason! Your outfit is important! I’m more than happy to help give you direction, narrow down choices and make sure you’re coordinating to the session location.


Start with your palette

Solid colors photograph beautiful and timeless. I personally love going bold with your color choice! Prints can work too, but make sure to choose something subtle like dainty florals or stripes so you don’t pull focus away from your gorgeous face! If you have a favorite piece of clothing, you can build around that using coordinating colors.

Here are some great color palettes to inspire you!


Add texture and layers

Try adding in some texture such as denim, lace or knits to add more visual interest to the photo. It’s easy to incorporate textured items with layering which is a great tool! It allows for a lot more variety in our shots and poses. Got a ton of shots in that cute top and jeans? Throw a knit cardigan or leather jacket on top and its like a whole new look!

MandJ (50 of 51).JPG
Zagha (1 of 11).jpg


Accessorizing is another great way to add texture and visual interest. Once you’ve got your outfit, you can add jewlery or a hat to give an extra pop of color and personality. Don’t forget about shoes! They are just as important. If shoes need to be cleaned up or scuff marks removed, do that to bring new life into them and make sure to choose shoes that are right for your outfits.


tip: wear comfy shoes then switch once we’re at our location!

Consider Location

Is our session in a park? What about a city? It’s important to take the location of our session into consideration. If we’re in a city, dress up a little more to match the vibe! If we’re in a park or a field, be a little more casual and laid back. You want to belong in the scene without blending in.


Matching outfits are not it anymore. Instead, coordinate! You and your partner’s outfit should compliment each other. If you’re both wearing the same thing, you’ll blend in together so choose something that will show each of your individual personalities and your photos will pop.

Jess&Nick (26 of 42).jpg


There are always little things you don’t think about until afterwards. Here are a few more style tips and tricks so you have one (or a few) less things to worry about!

Have either a fresh coat of polish on your nails that coordinates with your outfit or don’t have any polish on at all. You don’t want chipped nail polish on those beautiful ring shots!

Avoid bright colored undergarments. Nude is best even if you don’t think it will be seen! If you plan on wearing any clothing where bra straps can be seen, go with a strapless bra!

Make sure everyone’s hair is done. If you need a haircut, do it a week before your session so you can get used to it. (Treat yo' self at the salon!)

Don’t wear clothing with large logos, characters or anything that will distract from you and your partner. Be timeless!

Wear makeup. If you don’t normally wear it, a coat of mascara and some tinted moisturizer make a huge difference. This will make your eyes pop and even out your skintone. (Tinted moisturizer for the guys, too!) 

Kirsten&Owen (24 of 42).jpg

Lastly, Plan Ahead

Don’t wait until the last minute to put everything together! Trust me, it’s not worth the stress of trying to throw something together the morning of only to hate how you look when you get your photos back. I want you to feel and look like a million bucks!

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